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January 2019

Prof. Paulo F. Ribeiro

The Multidisciplinary Nature of Research and Development in Smart Grids, Cities and Critical Infrastructures: A Reflection
Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) – Netherlands

November 2018

Technical Paper:
Ramp-rate Control on a PV Generation with Battery Energy Storage in a Distribution Feeder
F.L. Vieira, P.F. Ribeiro, B.D. Bonatto, A.C.Z. Souza

Simulation Files

June 2018

Prof. Paulo F. Ribeiro

Considerações e Proposições para Discussão sobre Tecnologia, Sociedade e Cultura: Desafios Filosóficos e Éticos

Considerations and Propositions for Discussion on Technology, Society and Culture: Philosophical and Ethical Challenges

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Updated in: Jan 09th, 2019